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Our Into Care - First Call service is a complete package tailor made to suit your needs. 

With this service we can provide you with a one off (Pay as you use) or contracted ongoing package.

Our service provides ;

  • Two person on call teams 

  • Fully insured & equipped black Ford Mondeo Hearsette Private Ambulances

  • British made One Man Loading & First Call Stretchers carried at all times

  • All disposables i.e: Wrist tags, gloves, cotton removal sheets, body envelopes, Peva body bags, PPE.

Service operational times .

  • Monday to Thursday - 5pm to 8:30pm

  • Friday to Monday - 5pm to 8:30am

  • 1 day to 7 day contracted & non contracted services

Contact the team to see how we can provide into care services that meet your requirements.

Ford Mondeo Hearsette - T20 HRS & T23 HRS

We operate two last of the line Ford Mondeo Hearsette vehicles.
Discreet in deep black these vehicles are used for our into care first call duties providing discretion when attending private and residential care homes day and night.
These vehicles carry the following;


  • Auden Funeral Equipment One Man Loading stretchers
    Auden Funeral Equipment Carry Stretcher
    All disposables including ;
    Cotton removal sheets, plastic body envelopes, Peva body pouches
    All PPE : Gloves, face masks, wrist i.d tags, dispray and wipes.

    All HRS vehicles are fitted with live tracking and live view in car cameras.

Members of the  World Organisation of Funeral Operatives

Registered Company in England & Wales : 15002051

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