Vehicles & Equipment

Hemsell Repatriation Services operates specially converted black Ford Mondeo Hearsette and Volkswagen Caddy Highline Private Ambulance vehicles. Specifically chosen by owner Theron Hemsell 


T20 HRS Ford Mondeo Hearsette follows on our tradition of using the Mondeo estate. Chosen for our first call and infant transfer services due to its discreet and elegant appearance. 

The vehicle is equipped with Auden One Man Loading and first call stretchers and the rear deck is secured to the vehicle, and not a removable one.


T25 HRS VW Caddy                          Maxi Highline Ambulette                       Chosen as our bariatric first call and land repatriation services due to its discreet  appearance, the vehicle is fitted with a single two stretcher/two coffin deck. 

The vehicle is equipped with 2 Auden One Man Loading (one bariatric capable) and one first call stretcher. It can carry coffins upto 7 feet in length, yet is small enough to park in car spaces on ferries. 

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hrs repatriation brochure 2021.jpg