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Our prices are all charged from our new NG3 base to the collection point, and charging finishes at the handover / finishing point.

No matter where the hand over point is we do not charge to return to our base.


Hospital & Public Mortuary Collections

£120 Minimum charge for collections within Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Leicestershire 

*Cheques are all issued at their cost usually £82.00 per cheque

We will also pay funeral home fees at their cost which will be added to the final invoice.

For transfers over 30 miles of our NG3 base £1.40 per mile is added.

Repatriation by Land & Sea

We cover all areas of the UK, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Wight and Isle of Man.

Our quotations include everything including cheques for paperwork which is issued at their cost only.

Repatriation to/from Ireland by sea

We charge a one off fee of £1,350 for transfers to and from any part of Ireland.

We can also provide embalming prior to transport.

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