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A new addition that has been in the planning

process for the last 16 months is the HRS Care &

Preparation Suite. 

We offer a variety of services with the suite at low

overall costs. 

The suite has been built to offer both local funeral

homes and ones from all over the country to have

the ability to have dedicated deceased storage during

busy periods, but also the ability to provide call out

and collection services to colleagues that are not


Services we offer:

  • Collection & Storage from any hospital in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Leicestershire with issue of cheques for paperwork etc.

  • First Call & overnight storage on behalf of local and nationwide funeral homes

  • Fully qualified embalmer and preparation services carried out

  • 24 hour access by our on call teams for repatriation services to collect. 

  • Low storage costs 


Collection from local hospitals with overnight storage               £120.00

Issue of cheque for cremation paperwork                                    £82.00 or £164.00

First Call & overnight storage                                                        £120.00*                (prices vary during festive & Bank holidays).

For embalming prices click here

24 hour storage day rates after collection from hospital/first call £10.00 per night.

Full preparation services available from dressing to full provision of ordering coffin and transfer to your funeral home (ideal for small offices with only a chapel of rest. 

One off & ongoing contract services available contact us


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